Rewarding Rebates

Rebates are a wonderful way to supplement your grocery budget as well as get items for free or extremely discounted.

From $1.99 health and beauty rebates to $50 Electronics Rebates, you can get many items for free if you are an organized person!

What are some of the helpful tips and tricks I have learned to use to ensure all my rebate money makes it into my wallet?

  • Read all terms/conditions to ensure you send all appropriate paperwork and meet all restrictions
  • If a coupon is available at a store, consider using one to make a profit on the rebate
  • Print and copy the rebate form when you purchase the product ( in case the link to the form disappears before your products arrives )
  • Copy all paperwork you send in for your rebate. I copy and save it on my computer instead of printing. Then, if I need to, I can print it later.
  • Mark the latest date you should receive your rebate on your calendar. That way, if it hasn't arrived, you can contact the company to see why there is a delay.
  • Make a note of when it was mailed. If a high valued rebate, you may consider getting delivery confirmation.

Then, sit back and wait for your money to be refunded to you!